Must-See Monday: Cold Justice, "Stranded"

*Sponsored post, but opinions are completely my own*

Remember I had said I had exciting news to come sometime last week? Well this is one of the things I was talking about. Today's Must-See Monday is all about the return of season 2 of TNT's show Cold Justice. The show returned last Friday with the episode "Stranded" and I was very kindly (and surprisingly, LOL) asked to review this show. 

First things first, one thing you must know about me is that I love procedural dramas. From Law & Order(SVU especially, duh) to Criminal Minds to 48 hours, I live for these shows and drink them up. To be honest, until I was reached out to, I hadn't heard of this show and was sad it passed me by under the radar. I blame my lack of cable last fall and DVRing too many shows, but glad I know about it now. And believe me, it did not disappoint one bit. But of course it didn't, it is produced by Mr. Dick Wolf.

In order to introduce me to the show, I got sent the following two videos that introduce the two badass investigators on the show, former Texas Prosecutor Kelly Siegler and former Las Vegas crime scene investigator(true life CSI character right here), Yolanda McClary.

Now that you've gotten a little background, let's get down to the episode I was asked to review, and my first episode of this awesome show. The episode "Stranded" welcomed back the second season of the show(second half of the season) and dealed with a 26 year old cold case on the murder of Alma Henderson, a single mother of five in Bay City, Texas. 

She'd been out with friends at a club before offering to give a man she met there a ride back to his motel. The next morning she was reported missing by her then 16 year old daughter and soon after was found with a single shot wound to the back of her head, execution style. Not only that but she had also been sexually assaulted.The case develops from there and boy does it have some twists. First off, the perp left no "fluids" behind.

Now even though this is a small town, which I love that this shows centers around many of these, and DNA back then is nowhere near what it is now, this still was a strange fact. The local detectives actually seem quite current and thorough, so this was indeed very strange. Also the three suspects all seem like they are guilty of one thing or the other. And in this case, everything relies on finding out as much about each suspect as possible. So that's exactly what they do. But this proves tough because it has been 26 years after all. 

Suspect #1 is the man Alma gave a ride to that night, but he is soon ruled out. Yes, he is a bit of a jerk, even now, but he never changed his story so at least he is honest. Suspect #2 is a man who that very night got accused by another woman of trying to date rape her, but the confusing timeline makes it a bit of a challenge to put him at the motel. But we do get to find out quite some intimate information on this fellow. This part actually made me chuckle, even though it still felt like TMI. And Suspect #3 was the security guard working that night as he's the only one who knew Alma personally and his story was a bit fishy. 

Honestly, I didn't see the end coming until the very end, which I like. The downside to watching so many procedurals is that they can get a bit predictable, but not Cold Justice. This may be because it is true crime and not just a drama. I don't want to give the ending away in case you want to go on a Cold Justice binge later on and want to be surprised. Overall though, I enjoyed the show and I know what I'll be doing Friday nights.

My 3 reasons for loving this show are, based on this episode:

1. It takes place in small towns were cold cases may have gone cold from lack of technology and other resources. Even though the local detectives seemed to be thorough, this could have been what prevented it from being solved from the start and stopped future attempts.

2. The Investigators are badass, but not intrusive. They really are there to help solve the case and help the local investigators. I love that they don't really try to take over and run the show. They just want to genuinely solve the cases and are there to lend their expertise. 

3. It's not predictable. Like I said, it wasn't until the very end that I could see what was coming. The cases are explained very clearly and easy to follow through, but because it's not quite as predictable as other shows, you get to walk through the process the investigators are going through. This also adds a low-key suspense.

As you can see, this is quickly becoming my new favorite show. And the cases just seem to get juicier. Here's a sneak peak of the rest of the season, enjoy:

Sound like your kind of show? Tune in Fridays at 9 pm on TNT.