Makeup Monday: The Curse of Oily Hair


So I haven't done a Makeup Monday in some time and decided I should do one today since I've been dealing with a beauty dilemma as of late. Yes guys, I have a confession to make, I have oily hair. It's something I've been dealing with for some time, with my hair being ok some days, and just plain gross others. So I finally seeked some possible solutions to "cure" this problem because let's face it, it's embarrassing to walk around with gross looking hair. Also it's made me self conscious and even my hair stylist has pointed it out. Anyway, here's what I found.

Solution #1: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

I know I have talked about the benefits of ACV in a previous


, but I don't think I talked about what rinsing your hair with it can do. Just how drinking it can help balance your body's PH, it can also help with your hair's PH balance. This is something I've recently been trying again and I can honestly say its helped, even though I've only done it two days in a row( I was desperate

 It helps remove the buildup of products in your hair as well as close the cuticle of the hair. This helps not only strip the hair of the excess("bad" oils) but also leaves hair shiny(not oily). It is recommended  to mix the ACV with some water to make the rinse. This helps it not be overly acidic. I use it after shampooing and conditioning so it stays in my hair and conditions it, post shower. It can also be rinsed completely out. It will still help with the oiliness either way. 


Urbane Women


Solution #2: Curling it/Applying Heat

So another solution I've tried with mild success has been curling my hair. The heat applied to hair seems to help since it "burns" some of the oil off. I still put heat protectant, but the heat makes some of the oils dissipate. The curls help with the appearance of oil curls don't allow oil to travel as quickly. However, this is more of a trick rather than a solution. It doesn't really solve it long term.

Solution #3: Dry Shampoo

So again this is more a quick, "I'm in a rut", sort of fix. It also only works if the hair isn't too oily, but sometimes my hair is just that bad. The dry shampoo is no match for my oiliest of days. Dry shampoos can either be bought at drugstores or places like Sephora and Ulta, or they can be homemade using products like cornstarch or baby powder. Experiment with what works best for you.


Pure Jojoba


Solution #4: Hair Mask

This solution is fun and often can be home made. I actually have done a couple of hair masks in the past and some have helped a bit. Masks can be done to address oily hair, as well as other hair issues. As you can see, many of the recipes in the image above use ACV. These treatments are meant to be used once a week and the recipes are usually for one use since they can go bad quickly due to the fresh ingredients. Also be warned, these can be messy. I will be trying some of these soon.

Solution #5: Stop Daily Hair Washing

When you have oily hair, washing it everyday seems like something that HAS to be done. It feels like it's the only way to keep it under control, but this might actually make it oilier. When you shampoo/wash your hair, you strip it of oils and dry it out. Your body then responds by overproducing oil and therefore you get stuck with oily hair. Therefore, the opposite of logic prevails in this case, so to speak. One way to reduce oil is then to just stop the daily washing. This is risky though. It is not my favorite solution because a) I exercise daily and this would mean being gross and smelly and possibly look oilier and b) you have an oily mess for some time until your hair adjusts. 

I hope this has been helpful. I know all too well the struggle of being stuck with oily, unbalanced(PH) type hair. Let me know if you try these solutions and how they work out for you. Also let me know of any other solutions you have tried/been successful with/heard about in the comments below :)