Shop Hope's

A few weeks ago, Allyssa from Life With Lyss, reached out to me and other fellow Her Campus Blogger Network bloggers to help her in promoting one of her favorite online store's Shop Hope's.

She shared her amazing experience with the company such as how they have great customer service, always have free shipping, have arrivals twice daily Monday-Friday, and are great on social media.

To be honest, I have been following the company on Instagram for some time now, and they really are great. Every thing she told us about their products is true and they really have some cute stuff. 

I'm glad that she told me about the free shipping though and it's always good to know about the customer service of a company. That always sells me. And with graduation and summer coming, I know I am going to be looking for dresses soon, so this couldn't have come at a better time. Here are some of my top picks and other items I liked as well:

*All the pics are from Shop Hope's*

Isn't there stuff just the cutest? 

Lucky for you, Allyssa has provided a discount code so that you can get 10% of your purchase:


Again, along with the discount you will get free shipping with your order. 

Also don't forget to check out the other bloggers who are also showcasing some of their favorite pics: