Day 2 in NYC: Exploring my New Neighborhood

Hey guys so I've been meaning to post this up for over 2 weeks now. So why am I just getting to it? Well part of it is the fact that the first week I was doing a lot of site seeing that would leave me exhausted and then the following week school started and I was trying to get back to a "normal" routine which I'm still working on. Also I have been doing more sightseeing but I guess a more focused way of doing it or at least not as tourist-y. But more on that later. So yea basically exhaustion and busy-ness kept me away some. But without further ado, here is a bit on my new neighborhood. Above is a little section of it on a main street that is directly under the subway rails (7 train right there). And my sister got in my shot lol.

So on the second day of exploration? Is that the right word? IDK but let's go with that since NYC begs for exploration. Anyway on our second day there, we ended up sleeping in pretty late as we were still tired from flying in and from touring Fifth Avenue the day before. Since it was kind of late to plan to do something specific in the city, my mom, sister (Dirtsa) and I decided to walk around my new neighborhood to get a feeling of it.

There's my mom walking in front of us. We had just finished going into all these "99 cent"/ dollar stores that had some things I could pick up in case of an emergency. We walked about 10 blocks East of my new place since that seemed to be where most of the locals headed and where most stores seemed to be although I've begun to find other cool little stores/cafes/services in other parts as well and still within walking distance. Sorry for the longest run-on ever BTW.

Along the way, we saw a lot of pubs, but this one stuck out to me since it was so bright and made me think of London (not that I've been, but what I imagine it to be). You can also have breakfast-y food here though and this particular one had a nice little patio on the sidewalk. It really was the cutest thing to me and I hope I can soon go get some food there. Hopefully soon.

We also ended up finding the closest Dunkin Donuts (thus far that I've found) in the neighborhood. My sister and me were super excited to find one since they seem to be an East Coast thing and therefore we don't have any in LA. I'm sorry to say however, they were a huge disappointment. They tasted stale and crumbling and not doughy and delicious like a donut should be. At first I thought maybe if I'd gone earlier, but other experiences after that have been just as disappointing, I'm sad to say. But hey if anyone knows which location in the city is the best or the one with the good yummy ones, let me know STAT! 

And here is more under the subway pictures LOL! Can you tell I'm a bit into the under the subway rail stuff. IDK, I just like how it makes a picture look and it was my second day here so can you blame me?

This was the street side of one of the intersections we ended up at. Basically we walked from one station to the next. We also found lots of grocery stores along the way. One of which sells organic-y healthy stuff. It's like a small mom & pop Trader Joes or something. That's the best way I can describe it anyway. We also found the East Coast equivalent of CVS, Duane Reade, which is convenient. On top of that we also found some restaurants, bakeries, little parks/hangout spots and so on. Also I found a McDonald's express, but I will probably go in there when desperate times call.

At the end, before heading home we grabbed some really good and cheap pizza. It was soooooo good. Honestly one of the best slices of pizza I've ever allowed into my mouth and down into my belly. It was cheesy but the crust didn't flake or break or whatever. It was just soooo good.

Before we truly headed home, I also took a pic of this emergency post?! IDK what to call it, but it seems like I'm safe if something is on fire or someone is behaving badly. I just pull on random street fire/police levers and somebody just might come to my rescue. 

Exhausted but still full of love,