Friday Favorites: Finals Week Version

Yay, Friday Favorites is back. This week's is going to be another short and simple one since it was a pretty crazy week. It was my finals weeks so to speak even though next week is the official finals week at my school. However, my professors opted for the final project route and the last of them were due today, except one. It is such a relief(and slightly weird feeling) to be ending the last semester of undergrad, not counting summer internships. That being said, it was a stressful means to an end. Thankfully however, there were a few bright spots throughout the sleepless week.

1. Starbucks!

As always Starbucks comes to my rescue. Prior to NYC, I actually only went religiously to Starbucks during finals week, so true to nature, I basically lived there this week. I usually go daily, but not usually more than once a day. This week was the exception with me trying to get as much coffee and chai into my system as possible. This was due largely to getting about 3 hours of sleep per night.

2. This parody :)

Speaking of which, I came across this Frozen parody which pretty much explains my obsession with Starbucks and how it helps me get through finals week. It describes my week perfectly in fact. 

3.This song!

I've never really been into John Legend all that much, but this song just slays me to no end. It's been my favorite jam this week and really allowed me to release some stress. I confess to embarrassingly singing in the car whether I'm by myself or not LOL so this has been what I've been singing to a lot during my drives to and from school, which were usually the only breaks I got from working on projects. Plus how beautiful are the lyrics and John Legend's voice? The answer is breathtakingly so.

4. This video

So I actually came across this video today thanks to Valentine on 104.3 fm. In the mornings I usually listen to morning talk radio since I like to catch up in between the songs and I had just switched stations to Valentine in the Morning. He and his team were talking about this video and how it was making the girls on his team tear up. So I decided to search for it and after seeing it I can see why they ended up in tears. It is such a sweet video, especially with Mother's Day happening this weekend. It was also a great way to end this week, with something so sweet(didn't mean to rhyme).

I hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Favorites and be assured things will be going back to normal now. Thanks for your patience and feel free to share your Friday Favorites in the comments below.