Reviewing My 2012 Resolutions

I know it may seem a bit late to post my New Year's Resolutions and I actually meant to do this earlier, but it's better late than never. Now that being said, this is my list of resolutions I will try my best to accomplish by December 31, 2012, but like all things in life, this process will surely be ongoing. I made this list back in February when reviewing what I had set as my goals at the beginning of the year and it was a way to help me keep focus on what those goals were. Now for the list:

1) Be more active-i.e. go the gym and do outdoor activities such as hiking

2) Eat Healthier-not dieting, just healthier options

3) Better time management- get things done on time and BE ON TIME!

4) Plan a fun activity at least once a month

5) Be more organized- in both my schedule and my space

6) Get my finances in order- make a budget and stick to it; pay down debt.

7) Try something new- I want to learn to sew and learn to play the guitar

8) Make a better effort in my person- I would like to stop dressing frumpy and look more put together daily.

9) Volunteer or participate in a charity event such as AIDSWALK LA

10) Put my best effort in my classes so that I can raise my GPA

11) Plan a trip- either a road trip or fly out somewhere I've never been before

12) Keep up with my Youtube videos and blogs

I know that may all seem like a lot but most go hand in hand and some are things I have already started working on. So far I have begun going to the gym much more than in 2011 and have been doing well in my classes so far. I am going to be focusing a lot more on my time management and eating habits right now until those become habit. Also, in terms of trying something new, although it is neither guitar nor sewing lessons, I am going to be trying out for my school's dance team which is something that I have never been a part of before nor have attempted before. So there you go. Please feel free to share your own resolutions or review of them below and also share any tips you may have on how I can accomplish mine.