Friday Favorites : Moments with Friends

Chocolate Stour and Book Lover's Edition of Trivial Pursuit

This week's Friday Favorites is all about time with friends and family. I had the great opportunity to be able to spend time, which I feel I haven't done in a while, with loved ones, having a good time and even better conversations. I'm hoping this is the prelude to a great summer with great company.

I started off the week going out to a Congregation Ale House in Pasadena to attend a meetup meet. If you don't know what

 is, it's a site where you can join people that have similar interests. I'm a member of several different groups, but this particular event was held for a book club group.

I know that makes me sound very nerdy, but it's one of the groups I'm most active in and enjoy the most. The event at the ale house was to play Trivial Pursuit, Book Lover's Edition. I'm so glad I was able to attend because although I knew almost none of the answers, I learned a lot and we all just had a blast getting creative with the answers. I was also able to taste my first beer in the states, LOL.

Then later this week, my little sister, Dirtsa, graduated from High School. To me, this is a proud, but bittersweet moment. No matter what, I'll always see her as my little sister, so when I see her growing up, it's hard to accept sometimes that she's no longer the crazy haired baby my parents brought home from the hospital. After graduation, and her capturing moments with friends, we headed over to one of our favorite restaurants, Granville Cafe,  because we were starving. We got a really awesome waiter, with the best Southern twang. I had a mai tai, 'cause why not, and my sister got free ice cream.

The day after Dirtsa's graduation was even better, well not better than her graduating, but better as in we had some sister bonding time. We decided to head to the gym together and ended up taking a class called Cardio Jam, which was tons of fun. It's basically about 45 minutes or so of dancing non stop and 15 minutes of sculpting with weights. We loved that our teacher was so energetic and into the songs. It just made the class much more enjoyable and definitely made my day. After the class, we got a smoothie each from the juice bar at the gym, then headed to Costco for a little shopping trip. 

Later that night, I also got to go out to dinner with my friend Stephanie, who is about 5 month pregnant with her first child. We had sort of kept in touch while I was in NYC and reconnected when I got back, but due to school for me, and baby appointments for her, we hadn't seen much of each other the last couple of months. We decided to do something low key and went to Sizzler's, which I haven't been to since I was like 10, and watch Brick Mansions at a discount theater. We caught each other up with what's going on in each other's life, such as how big her cute baby bump was getting and the changes pregnancy has brought her and my graduation. It's always nice to be able to have some girl time, especially with a friend like her, who I can completely be myself around.

Oh and to end the week, I got to babysit Dempsey, who because of school and other reasons, I haven't been taking care of too often. But tonight I got to just hang out with her. I just love the things this smart little girl comes up with. And her sassiness is always quite entertaining. So yes, this week was a great one for making memories. Have you made any good memories in good company this week? If so, let me know in the comments below or share anything else that made it into your Friday Faves.



I'm a Graduate :)

With my parents, after the ceremony

Go Class of 2014!! So I'm pretty sure I mentioned in a few of my previous posts that I was graduating soon. Well graduation finally took place last Monday and is partly to blame as to why I haven't blogged in over a week. I still can't believe that this all went down just a week ago, but yes I did it!

So obviously the day of graduation was one full of excitement and of anxiety to keep from tripping á la Jennifer Lawrence. I'm happy to report no tripping incidents occurred FYI. But anyway back to the excitement, it definitely was a day of joy and celebration for my family and I as well as for the family friend that helped me finance my whole college career ( seriously can't thank all of them enough).

Therefore blogging didn't go on that day. But the celebration didn't end there, the week that followed had me quite busy responding to internship business and celebrating with other loved ones such as my boss from my nanny job and the little girl I look after, of course. Michael also took me out for a nice little breakfast to celebrate since work has been crazy for him and he himself has been doing some job searching for other positions. On top of all that, I was also trying to catch up on all the sleep this past semester, I mean year, deprived me of. I did try to set time aside from blogging, but then I'd get busy with something else, so that is why I haven't been blogging for over a week, but I'm back! :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share this milestone with you guys and also explain why I've been kind of MIA. Even with social media, I've been taking my time to respond to friends and all. And even though I've had my ceremony, I still have an internship credit to complete and so I've been concentrating on getting that situation taken care of, but now that I've decompressed a bit, I'm ready to keep on blogging and well now you will have more of my attention since it's the end of school assignments (YAYYYY!!). On that note, here are some pictures of that day, enjoy!!

With Carla, the family friend who helped me finance my dreams :)

Me, without my gown(I was relieved to take it off because it was heating me up)

With my dad :)

And my mom :)

And my sister :)

And with Carla again :)

I almost forgot about the gifts LOL. I got some useful and thoughtful items other than brunches and dinners. My parents decided to get me a Starbucks gift card as did my boss, Erin. They definitely know me too well and knew it would come in handy. My mom also decided to get me a nice frame to put my diploma and pictures in and my dad paid for my class ring(still haven't received it because they had messed up the order, but all is fixed so should have it soon. And Carla got me this really nice watch, which was such a nice gesture considering she's already done a lot for me(as have my parents). It's definitely the nicest thing I own now and makes me feel like a real, gulp, adult :)

This is the watch. It's a Concord La Scala. And don't mind the foot lol.

So that was my graduation. It took me 5 years to get here and lots of sleepless nights and hard work, but it was worth it. This has thought me that hard work does pay off and that dreams shouldn't be rushed. I'll admit that I struggled at first with not having gotten things done in the traditional 4 year timeline, but realized that what mattered more is that I got there, not necessarily when I got there. And now I have the same feeling of accomplishment as if I'd finished last year or the following year. The point is I made it, and I'm happy to be part of the Class of 2014!



Friday Favorites: Things That Made Me Happy

Picture I took in Brooklyn while I was there :)
For this week's Friday Favorites I wanted to feature things that made me happy this week. I wanted to keep it positive since I had a long and tiring week, but I've been doing May Cause Miracles (click here to find out more) which has helped keep the negativity to a minimum. The blog title is also inspired by a segment on NPR's podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour (I highly recommended listening to it). So here is the positive things I focused on, loved, and was grateful for.

1. My pup of course!! Charlie's only been home a week and we already have a strong bond. He is pretty good for the most part. He still has accidents inside, but he is still training and a puppy so that's to be expected. He doesn't chew much on things he isn't suppose to and I correct him as soon as I catch him. He is so loyal already though, he follows me everywhere, it's the cutest thing, I'm gonna die. Also he barks at the dogs on TV LOL. But yea, we are definitely buddies for life :)

2. I am so happy to be a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network. The girls I've been meeting on Facebook have been so nice and supportive and this in turn helps me get my blog out to more readers. They also have great advice and I love the positivity I've seen posted on the Facebook group. If you are a blogger and want to join this community of wonderful girls, click here. They really are the best! Plus I got to show the love too(check my Wednesday post)!

{Source: Pinterest}
3. A few weeks ago I posted about becoming a Beach Body coach (read about it here). My main reason was that I really love the programs and I love that as a coach you get to help others, mainly your friends and family, on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Well this week I reached out to a few friends that answered I made in relation to the 21 day fix. Prior to this, they had also been reaching out to me and telling me that my instagram fitness pics kept them motivated and inspired. Anyway, I am excited to now have a challenge group going with the friends who were interested! I am so happy to be helping them out and providing a space where we can motivate and support each other. If anyone is interested in joining, please comment below or contact me through social media :)

4. The final thing that made me happy this week is how my school week went. Even though it was a stressful week due to constant editing/working on finishing photo edits, there were highlights to the week. For one, I got some great advice from my professor on how to be a good journalist/reporter when you are an introvert. He told me to create a "persona" that I can be when I'm out on the job, that way I can filter rejections I may otherwise take personally during interviews. 

Also, this week was my first week without my Tuesday/Thursday morning class lectures so I got to sleep in and my group had a great first day of shooting our projects. And I ordered my custom sash for graduation today, so overall a good week, even with all the running around :)

It was nice to have all these positive thoughts to keep me going this week. I also like that they involved friends and people that helped make this week a positive one as opposed to just things I liked. So what made you happy this week? Can't wait to see your answers in the comments :)


Friday Favorites: Babies & Grad Stuff

So I know I missed two post this week. Some weeks are just gonna be like that depending on what's going on with school stuff or anything personal that may come up. Anyway, will still always try my best to post everyday and make sure no more than 2 days go by without a post.

 On to my Friday Favorites :)

{Source: Me}
1. So this week was GradFest at school which is basically a 2 day event my college hosts for those who are graduating to take care of graduation business. That means I got my cap and gown taken care of, got my graduation pics taken, and got myself my College Ring!!! The ring above is the actual style I chose, but the stone will be different(Tourmaline for my birthstone). Also it will have my major engraved on the sides. I'm so happy that I got it since I never got a class ring in high school.

{Source: So Called Homemaker Blog}
2. I really loved this post on the  So-Called Homemaker Blog. I always get excited when bloggers post a blog post written by or in the words of their kids. I just find kids to be highly intelligent and it's also something that just cheers me up instantly. Also the lovely Christine who writes the blog later responded and we have been tweeting since. This gets me excited as I'm just starting as a blogger and it makes my day when other bloggers reach out to me.

{Source: TJMaxx Instagram}
3. I'm obsessed with metallic oxfords. I not only really like how oxfords (aka brogues) are so versatile, I love them even more in metallics. I actually said something about this in the comments for  last week's Trendy Tuesday. I think it is such a fun trend for spring and also helps to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. Let me know in the comments if you want me to make a post on how I'd style an outfit around them.

{Source: Me}
4. I also got my Team BeachBody coach starter kit this week. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I discussed it in an earlier post this week. Here is the link if you want to know more. I'm so excited to become a bigger part of the team as a coach and also hope to inspire others to embark on their own journey to health.

5. Last, but not least, I'm now obsessed with this video. If you have yet to see the movie Frozen, get to it! The songs are super catchy and how can you pass up Adele Dazeem's performance?! But seriously, if you check my Spotify, you will notice I've been listening to a lot of Disney(you can thank the little girl I nanny and my inner kid). Frozen songs are just a regular part of my Thursdays and Fridays now, and really everyday because they get stuck in your head FOREVER! Anyway this video is just so cute since you see the parents geeking out while their kid could care less.

6. This week has also been great because I'm gonna be ending the week by sending some Motivational Mail to one of the girls I've connected with on Tone It Up's community. Her name is Rachel and she is awesome! Each month another member, Jessie, partners who ever signs up for the mailing list with another girl and we get to send each other goodies. So happy I got Rachel since we seem to be a like in many ways and feel it's the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Wish she lived in the same state LOL.

Hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Favorites. What were yours this week? Did we have any of the same ones? Also wanted to share that I have some exciting news(well exciting to me anyway LOL), but more on that tomorrow.