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So this week you are getting a weekly recap post instead of a Friday Favorites one. I meant to do this on Friday, but I got caught up watching shows online with my mom and then it was just too late. So instead you get this sort of recap/Favorites of the Week. Hope you can forgive me. Also I'm graduating from college tomorrow which makes me both excited and nervous. Anyway, enjoy.



 article on Christina Yang.

I may have mentioned this before, but I'm a diehard Grey's Anatomy fan. I mean I have the hugest crush on Patrick Dempsey and it's the one show I will actually keep up with regularly. It's also one of the few I will usually watch "live" rather than on the DVR. I have watched every single episode and I'm so sad to see Sandra Oh leaving the show since she's one of the original cast members and because even though her character is not always likable, it still brings heart to the show. The article shares some of the things we may not know about Sandra Oh who really brought Dr. Yang to life.

2. This workout^

This week I posted a lot about fitness and made all post health or fitness related so it's only natural that I want to share my favorite workout of the week. As mentioned in previous posts, I'm currently doing the Bikini Series from 

Tone It Up

 and this week they released a new Bikini Arms routine video. Even though the workout gets a little tough(my arms were burning), I loved it. My arms are one area I'm really working on because I wear a lot of tank tops and I want to prevent as much arm flab as possible. The workout is not very long, but it really is effective. I'd definitely recommend it!




3. My Motto for the Week

So back to the Bikini Series, early this week Karena and Katrina from 

Tone It Up

 gave the community the "Sunset Challenge" of finding a motto for the week. I ended up choosing this one because I'm a low-key perfectionist. I say low-key because I act like I'm carefree and don't express my expectations, but inside struggle with getting things done perfectly. I'm trying to let this idea of perfection go though because in the end, it just holds me back. I will sometimes end up passing up things because I don't think I will be able to perfect them. But what matters in the end is that I try something and that I get it done the best I can. If it's not perfect, it won't be the end of the world. Instead I will end up feeling accomplished and that I took a risk and tried my best. I will be ok.

4. Super Cat!

If you haven't seen this video shame on you. Just kidding, but honestly this video is amazing. It's crazy how protective animals can be of their owners/family. But usually you expect dogs to be the only domestic animal that will be guarding their loved ones. This cat however proves that cats are pretty awesome at guarding too. The dog came out of nowhere and without provocation but was no match for this super cat who scared the dog off and saved the little boy from further injury. 

5. This Vine Video

Last but not least, this vine video made my week. I sometimes go on a vine binge where I get really obsessed with the app. This was one of the weeks when I was actually keeping up with my feed on Vine. And this became my favorite Vine of the week because what's cuter than a Corgi wiggling it's butt?! I just about died of the cuteness. Now to teach Charlie how to do this LOL.

Well hope you enjoyed my favorites this week. I'm off to bed so I can wake up and get to my graduation ceremony on time. Let me know what your favorites were this week in the comments.