Day 2, Being an Adult

Hey guys, so as I write this I am watching one of my all time favorite movies, Juno (I seriously can pretty much recite every line). It's just past midnight, but don't think I forgot to blog or threw my commitment out the door. Honestly, I was just thinking of what I should write, plus I got a bit distracted watching movies today lol, but certainly blogging was on my mind. I did have one post in mind, but since I waited until now to sit down and write, I will leave that one for tomorrow. The other topic that was on my mind today though was about the signs life gives you that tell you that you are now very much an adult. I mean there is the obvious big signs such as turning 18 and 21 when you can be tried as an adult and when you can finally go get liquored up--legally. Bills also can make you feel very adult like, but then there are the more subtle yet truly more significant signs that you are no longer a kid (I wish I still was, maybe that's why I try to act like one and like looking after them). One of these signs or realizations I guess happened to me today.Since I am currently staying at my boss's house looking after her pets, I kind of have to fend for myself, i.e. feed myself and stocking up on food in order to do so. After my dentist appointment and grabbing some things at home and my dutiful Starbucks stop (I was so hungry after that appointment), I stopped at Trader Joe's, probably my favorite grocery store, which says a lot about me since as a kid I hated being dragged to the grocery store.

Anyway, as I shopped around for food to survive this week since my boss had limited food options at home, mostly food for her kid, I had the epiphany that once you start buying groceries for yourself, not because your parents assigned you this chore, it really hits you and represents the fact that you've truly become an adult. I don't know, just all of a sudden I realized, wow this feels very grown up. I mean I'm sure there are a million other signs that make you think "Wow, I am a full blown adult now" such as having your own place or getting your first "real" job that will build the rest of your career or jury duty, but something as simple and underrated as grocery shopping somehow seemed more significant to me. I guess it's because it's something that goes over our heads and is not something we think of as making us more adult, but somehow it made me stop and think wow, I'm really not a kid anymore.

Now this isn't the first time I've done this. I've house sat a couple of other times and had to buy groceries for myself, but today it just hit me. It actually made me feel proud of myself in a really dorky way LOL. What made it an even bigger realization? The fact that I've estimated that $60 can buy me a week of groceries (actually a little more than that)! Seriously from the three times I've had to be a responsible self sufficient adult (just to clarify, I don't completely live off my parents, I am just lucky and blessed they don't charge me rent and they usually buy the bigger bulk of the food, I however pay my own bills and don't bother them much for money) it always comes out to just under or just above $60 and it actually buys me a lot! This time around I didn't need to buy any drinks as I was well stocked there, I did buy chicken and berries and plucots and vodka sauce and cheese and yogurt and veggies and even ice cream sandwiches. So yea I am set lol. Anyway, I should get to bed because the dogs wake me up pretty early to go out for their business and because I'm sure I've made my point of my realization of my adulthood. I will still try to hold on to being a kid as long as I can though and be a kid at heart, but being an adult is pretty cool too I guess. Also I want to get this book I saw called Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown, seems apropos.

Your Seemingly Adult Blogger,