What's in my Gym Bag

Today I wanted to share what I have in my gym bag since I've been hitting the gym more often and also to tie it in with this week's posts since I've been dedicating them to fitness and health. The following is what I've packed in my gym bag for tomorrow, but it is what I usually pack in it any time I'm heading to the gym anyway. This helps me be ready to go and not be tempted to skip the gym. 

The bag itself is one I got at Target about 2 years ago. I love that it's spacious but not super huge since I'm petite. I also love that it has a separate shoe compartment so my gym shoes don't stink up the bag(or not as much) and also keeps my clothes from getting dirt on them. It also has little net compartments inside as well as a zippered one which helps things from getting lost in it. The side zippers on the outside are also useful for keys and my phone and cash if I have some. 

Now for what's inside. So first things first is my outfit. Sometimes I go to the gym already dressed, but if I have to run errands or go to school/work before hand, I'll usually end up changing into my gym clothes at the gym. Even when I do go already dressed however, I like to set out clothes just so that I'm not tempted to skip the gym or postpone it. So for tomorrow I've set out a sports bra, tank top and shorts since it's been really hot this week in L.A. I've also packed my Nike Flex 2013 Runs. They are really comfy, and bright :) If I don't pack gym clothes, I usually pack what I'll wear after the gym.

I also have to pack a few essentials aside from my outfit. I always(or almost always) have my lock with me so that I can safely lock away my bag in the lockers while I workout. I love this lock because you get to make up your own passcode and that makes it easy to remember the combo. 

I also usually have some sort of facial wipes. I'm currently using, and loving, the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths that I received complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. They're great for removing dirt and makeup and so refreshing. Another thing I usually keep in my gym bag are my headphones. I now have two sets, one of which always stays in the bag so I don't forget them. I've done so in the past and let me just saying working out without music is miserable.

Deodorant is another essential that I make sure I always have with me, especially if I'm going after school or after having run errands beforehand. I use Degree for Men or Secret Clinical. Hair ties and head bands are also a must for me. I try my best to keep extras in my gym bag because putting my hair up keeps me cool and it's also never fun to have hair in your face when doing downward dog. 

Of course water will always be an essential. Most of the time I use disposable water bottles, but I'll probably try to invest in a reusable one soon. It's super important to stay hydrated during workouts. Last but not least, I've been throwing my Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer that I also received complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. While I'm not big on lotion, I like how light this goes on and since I've been wearing shorts lately due to the heat, it's necessary to keep my legs nice and moisturized. However, I usually pack sunscreen instead of lotion since I dislike of most lotions.

So there you go, my gym bag essentials. I hope this helps out if you are not sure what to take to the gym with you. Let me know in the comments what you think and also what your essentials are.