Workplace Wednesdays: Beware What You Share


Sorry I am posting this Workplace Wednesday post late, school has been a bit crazy, but I still wanted to write something, if ever so brief. This has to do in relation to what you share at work, whether it's an internship or an actual job. As I'm sure most of us are connected, if not addicted to Social Media, but we have to be very careful about this when it comes to sharing at work.

Now let me clarify that I'm not necessarily referring to your boss looking up your Facebook or Twitter (although be careful about that too), but about posting pictures of you at work or of what you are working on. I've noticed this is especially important if you work in Entertainment such as in production or on set. 

I remember when I was interning for a production company last summer that they actually had me sign an NDA agreement which is basically a contract stating they could sue me if I breach a confidentially clause by sharing information or pictures of what the company was working on. This is actually not a joke and it is perfectly legal! Now I've worked at places where they were a lot less strict about what we shared and some even encouraged Instagram posts, but we still have to tread lightly. 

You can in fact get in a lot of trouble for oversharing. My mom reminded me of this when she mentioned that the father of the foster child my aunt looks after, who is some sort of lighting director or part of a film crew, had to fire a guy after he found out pictures from the set were being shared on Facebook. It really is a serious matter. So whether or not you are asked to sign an NDA, please be mindful of posting work related stuff online, no matter how tempting. It really is better to be safe than sorry.