Workplace Wednesdays: Intro to Internships - Here's hoping our new interns serve as a reminder that someone out there actually wants our jobs.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the sites mentioned in this post.
So today is the first Workplace Wednesday on this blog and I want to discuss internships a bit. This weekly feature was actually something my sister came up with when I was trying to think of what weekly features I wanted to do, this way I could be more organized and not take like a month to think of what to write about. Anyway back to internships.

In my personal experience (I've had 2 internships, that I speak of LOL), internships are must. Some people I go to school with complain a lot about internships because most, as of now, are still unpaid, but honestly while it would be nice to get paid, the experience and connections you make are far more valuable, IMHO. That's the true purpose of an internship anyway. It also comes in handy for job hunting once you graduate. 

In my experience, I have been able to keep some of the connections I've made at my internships and have later gotten calls to come work for them, while still in school. I've also been offered letters of recommendations for future jobs and even made a few friendships. It also looks good on your resumé and LinkedIn (which I can discuss in another post if you want me to). 

So where does one look for an internship? Well below I've listed some of the sites (and places) that have worked for me and where I've turned to find internships:

1. - This site is awesome. It is not your typical job hunting site and is pretty unique. I have actually had people from company contact me based on my profile and also scored an interview with Time Out New York (didn't get it but still). Also I am so happy to say that thanks to me recommending the site to my friend Ashley, she got an internship for this semester through the site. (She is also a blogger, check her out here).

2. - This site is great if you want to get an internship for a magazine. They have unpaid and paid internships and not all of the jobs are in New York, so you may still be able to find something local. It also has magazine jobs for after college. I love this site so much because it's how I got to intern at HGTV Magazine. :)

3. Another good place to look is at your school's career center's website. I actually found my first internship for a production company there. My school uses SunLink to post jobs and internships, so see if your school has a similar system or go to the Career Center. Often times the Career Center has postings on the wall or books filled with possible internships. It may also be helpful to go to your department's office (i.e. History Dept. office) and see if they have any tools. My department actually keeps a binder full of posting. 

4. Two other good sites are and although I haven't used these much, my friends have found a few internships through them.

So I hope this information was helpful. Let me know what you think and if you have any sites you want to recommend, feel free to leave them in the comments.