How I've Gotten Fit

`So I know I've dropped sprinkles of Tone It Up here and there. Well just briefly wanted to talk about my fitness journey since I've mentioned it here and there but have not truly gotten into specifics. I have always been pretty thin (think barely reaching 100 lbs) my whole life, but not very athletic.But as much as I've been blessed with a fast metabolism, once college and my boyfriend entered my life, I was not exempt from gaining some of the "Freshmand 15". I was eating out a lot due to my boyfriend (he likes burgers and pasta, A LOT) and due to being at school and work most days. I would not prep lunches or anything so that was my bad.

Well after a brief break-up with my boyfriend (no worries we are back together :) ) towards the end of last year, I decided that I needed to put some effort into loving myself a bit. I started a week before New Years' following a workout from Fitness Magazine and then went on Instagram to look for fitspo. While on the popular page, I saw a post about Tone It Up 's "Love Your Body Challenge." Now their name sounded familiar because Elle Fowler, a YouTube beauty guru had mentioned them in one of her videos I'd seen a few years back. So anyway, I decided to loo further into the challenge, found out some prizes included Victoria Secret Swag, and signed up.

The challenge started January 1st, 2013. The girls would post weekly workout schedules and had mini challenges along the way and I followed their instructions, to the best of my ability. As the challenge went on I started to love running, something I use to hate with a passion. Sadly towards the end, as I was improving my endurance, my hip flexor and knee and shin on my left side began to give out so I'm still healing. While I didn't win any prizes per se, I did gain confidence and became the most active I've been since high school. What's even better is they set up a community for members and I've gotten to cross paths and be inspired by so many girls after the same goal: "to have a great body, but most importantly to be healthy".

Now it's been about 8 months since I really incorporated fitness and a healthy lifestyle into my everyday life and I will never look back. I still have a ways to go and currently I'm doing P90X (lean) along with some other girls from the community, but I am slowly starting to see some ab muscle showing through. I also feel stronger and my skin is no longer as acne prone as before. Honestly it has been one of the best decisions I've made in a long time and hope to continue it until I'm six feet under!! LOL

Working and Lovin'