Help My Friend Publish Her Book!

I know I haven't blogged in a while and I apologize for that. Work has been crazy and I've had a lot to take care of on my days (weekends) off. Anyway, today I wanted to ask for your help on behalf of my friend Vanessa. She is not only my coworker and friend, but also is a self-publish author. She has a


going on right now and needs your help so she can publish her book.

As I've mentioned on the blog before, I have a great love for books. Books have had a place in my heart since I was a child and have been my little piece of heaven. Some of my best childhood memories are when I could curl up with a good book or have my mom read me one before bed. Among my favorite children's books are: Love You Forever, Madeline and Where the Wild Things Are. So of course when I found out that Vanessa (and Gina, another friend of ours) were self-publishing Vanessa's first children's book I was very excited to jump on board and help out.

They've already been able to fund their first book,

To The Moon and Back

 as part of their

Jake and Caleb

 series, but need help funding her second book,

The Girl and The Cloud


I've actually gotten a sneak peak to both and they really look great. In fact I've already pre-ordered two copies of the first one. And now I'm asking you to help her publish her second book. Not only are they well written, but I also love that her books actually have great positive messages for kids as well.

Again, I am someone who has a deep love for books so when I see friends and others trying to get their books published or bring more reading possibilities to children, I get 100% on board. She still has until September 26th to reach her

goal of $2,500

to help get her book to bookstores for children to enjoy. Even if you can't pitch in, by spreading the word, you will be helping out a lot. So go on, lend a hand and spread the love of books. It will be very much appreciated!



Help Bring Back Reading Rainbow!

This is a very special post to me and one that I meant to post up earlier last week, but life and such pushed it back. Also to be clear, this is NOT a sponsored post. It is simply one that I was inspired to make by Katie from 


 after she asked fellow

Her Campus

 bloggers to help support the

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

. As a loving book lover, I had to join in!

I'd actually originally heard about the

Kickstarter campaign

to bring back Reading Rainbow while listening to my favorite podcast,

The Bookriot Podcast

. I couldn't believe my ears because I basically grew up on this show. I remember watching it after school and during school vacations(I was on a track system. For those unfamiliar with this, I'd get one month of vacation for every 3 months or so of school). I can still remember the theme song: "Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high. Take a look, it's in a book, Reading Rainbow." 

Then LeVar Burton would come on and announce the theme for that day. I would love when they would feature books and read them "out loud" for the viewers. And most of all, I loved the message of escaping anywhere, with a book. It would make me excited to go to the library or my local bookstore to find the featured book. The book reviews were also awesome since it wasn't something you could find in the newspaper. I mean I've never seen a book review, for kids, in the New York Times or L.A. Times Book Section, have you?

So of course, I was excited to see this being brought back, in a way, especially because it is part of a bigger cause. As someone who grew up loving books, it really saddens me to know that there are still so many kids growing up illiterate. You would think that in a first world country such as ours, this would have been long gone, but in fact there are still too many kids who aren't able to read. Honestly, it breaks my heart. And I know part of this is schools' lack of funding. One way to solve this is by making Reading Rainbow accessible to all children. 

That's what this


is all about. Reading Rainbow has so far resurfaced as an amazing and recognized education tablet. However, Mr. Burton and the rest of the team realize that not everyone has access to tablets, precisely the kids who go to schools in impoverished neighborhoods. The goal is to use the campaign money to make it accessible on the web, on other mobile devices and on connected TVs. It will also help provide to classrooms where teachers have actually requested the help they know will benefit their students. And classrooms will get it for FREE! How awesome is that?

If you are a book lover and/or grew up watching this show, I ask, pretty please, with a cherry on top, to support this campaign and spread the word about it too. Help these children to fall in love with books! I don't want to ask for your money, just support. If you are able to donate then great, but if not just spreading the word would be amazing. The campaign ends on July 2 at 12 pm PDT. If you want to support it or learn more, go


. And Thanks :)