Makeup Monday: MAC's Maleficent Collection

{Source: Pink is the New Blog}
Today's Makeup Monday features another very much anticipated MAC Collection. It is the upcoming Maleficent collection that is in collaboration with the upcoming live-action Disney film of the same name. Honestly, I'm loving that this form of cross promotion is getting more and more popular.

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While I don't care much for Angelina Jolie, I am excited for the 11 piece collection because in my opinion, Maleficent was one of the prettier Disney villains, LOL. Plus it means the collection is a bit vampy and dark, which I've been drawn to lately. And don't get me started on the lashes. It is rumored the only 8 out of the 11 products will be limited edition. It's just sad to know the lipsticks will definitely be a one time only sort of deal, so guess I better start camping out(I'm only sort of kidding).

Here are some close ups on some of the products:
{Source: Become Gorgeous}
{Source: Become Gorgeous}
The collection should be released in early June, most likely around the time the film premieres.
Is this a collection you are looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.