Day 5 in NYC: Walking Central Park, ALL OF IT

central park

So I know I was really good on this blog for a while earlier this month and it might have seen I was back to being a bad blogger. BUT this time I have a valid excuse. I was actually avoiding and procrastinating on my final projects and papers by working on this blog ( LOL yes my form to avoid what I should be doing is being productive in other things I've procrastinated on), but alas I had to pay attention to final projects and papers as well as finish up my internship. So now that everything is officially done and turned in, I can get back to giving this blog the much love it needs. Anyway off to what this blog is about and that is the fifth day of NYC touristy things which was walking all of Central Park. 

central park
Let's Begin

central park

central park

central park

So when my mom asked what we should do on this day of the vacation week, I suggested why don't we do one of the most NYC touristy things I could thing of which was to visit Central Park. We all agreed that it was a good idea, but my were we naive. See, we didn't know just how big the park actually was, we just thought oh we will get right to the parts of the park we always hear or see in any show that takes place in NYC. Well we were in for a big awakening. When I looked up the directions for how to get there, I had many different options for "addresses" and so I decided that starting at the North End would be the best idea so we could start from the very top (again I was very naive to just how much the park embarked). That meant we ended up starting near Harlem. 

We then decided to choose a random trail that for whatever reason made sense to us and went on our merry way. Well this meant we ended up walking around, somewhat aimlessly, for 2 hours. We seriously just walked and walked and walked and of course I took many pictures in between. Even though we, especially my mom and Dirtsa, wanted to make sense of this trail and end up somewhere of notice where we could call it a day and say we walked through Central Park so this could be over, I must say we got some really nice views. 

central park
My pretty sister allowing me to take an artsy pic of her on the bridge :)

central park

central park

Central Park
Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre(or so the sign said)

Central park

central park
Sorry for the Blurriness, hard to focus in bright sunlight

Central Park

Central park

Eventually we did find Sheep's Meadow, and the Carousel, and to much relief a place to eat called the BallPlayer's House. And we ended up walking ALL of the park or at least walked from the very North end to the very South end by Fifth Avenue. So yea, my mom and sister were definitely pissed I made them walk about 6 miles that day. However that didn't stop us from making a quick visit to FAO Schwartz at the end of it LOL. In all honesty though, I really enjoyed myself because the park truly did feel magical. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictures and here are some more.

central park

Central park

central park
Food, Finally!

Central Park

Central park
View of the buildings from inside the park

central park
Mom and Dirtsa

central park
Mom and me :)

central park
Ending with the monument(?) on Fifth Avenue.

fao schwartz
Best Ending to a nature filled day LOL
Tired feet, but much love,

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Day 3 in NYC: Lady Liberty, 9/11 Memorial and Little Italy.

Sorry for taking so long to write again. After my first few weeks in NYC things at school got super busy and crazy. I was also trying to avoid that roommate of mine from reeling me into social events with her friends (most likely AARP members). Anyway, on day 3 of being a tourist in NYC my mom, sister and me decided it was time to pay a little visit to good 'ole Lady Liberty. First step was to take the train down to battery park and going into this little fort which is officially called the Clinton Castle National Monument in order to buy our tickets to board the ferry to Liberty Island. Once we had our tickets, it was time to start our adventure. 

View of Manhattan from the Ferry
My beautiful sister on the Ferry with Lady Liberty in the background. 

Although the Ferry ride was quite windy, it was also quite calming and had some great views of the city. However it was a bit muggy that day so they came out a bit gloomy. I also had fun trying to take some pictures of my sister. I got some great shots, but sadly due to my camera having no auto focus and sometimes being a bit difficult to get into focus, especially on a swaying ferry, they came out blurry. Finally though, we got to Liberty Island to take in the glory that is the Statue of Liberty. It might be one of the most touristy things we did while we explored the city, but it was still such an amazing moment. I also had a lot of requests to visit it by friends back home LOL. Below are pictures my sister and me took in front of it. 

The city on the fairy ride bac

On the island we of course went to the gift shop and I believe my sister might have picked out a few souvenirs for friends, but I honestly don't remember specifically what. One thing we were kind of surprised by was that we expected the statue to be taller, but still it's a must-see no matter what. On the Ferry back to the city, I took this picture of a foggy Manhattan skyline and that building you see towering above the rest of them on the left is the next place we decided to pay a visit to. That building is where the Twin towers were, what use to be the World Trade Center, which is now being rebuilt. As Americans who remember waking up to that horrific day, we though it was important to visit.

Plaque near the WTC paying tribute to 9/11

The building being built as the new WTC and that tells you were the Twin Towers stood. 
The most noticeable part of the 9/11 memorial is this tall oddly shaped building that is going to be part of the new World Trade Center (at least this is how I understood it). After we got our tickets to get in, which are free by the way, it was a bit confusing to find the entrance as apparently there are quite  a few ways to enter or that's what the signs make you believe. We finally found the right entrance though and had to go through security to enter the memorial. Upon entering you see two big fountains, like the one below, where the Twin Towers use to stand and they have rows of those who lost their lives that day. We all took a picture in front of the fountains and the reason we aren't smiling is that we wanted to show we were honoring their memories rather then just posing in front of a tourist spot. It was quite emotional for me to be there as I'm sure it is for most people who visit. 

After leaving the towers we decided to end the day on a light note by heading to nearby Little Italy. This is probably to date, one of my favorite places in NYC by the way and this is the night I fell in love with it. It was again, a bit tough to find, as seems to be the motto for most NYC spots LOL. But alas after wandering a bit through Chinatown, we found it and it was awesome.

 The first thing we noticed, people eating. Now keep in mind it was close to dinner time when we arrived and the food looked so good, but we had already had a late lunch so we decided to skip the restaurants and walk around. We also didn't know where to eat as there seemed to be restaurant upon restaurant filled with people eating alongside the sidewalk tables.

I took that opportunity to take snap shots of my sister and the stores. Finally we asked a girl at the store and she recommended getting cannolis at Ferrara's. I'm so happy she told us about it because OMG the cannolis and other desserts were delicious!!! I just had to take a picture though and I'm glad my phone died and forced me to use my camera instead. Now I say this because most food pics I use to take only with my phone since I usually only take them to post to Instagram lol. Thankfully this allowed me to discover that I am pretty darn good at photographing food and now know that I can always have a backup career as a food photographer LOL. 

My Trio of cannoli, eclair and fruit tart

My sister's cannoli

My Mocha drink (I forget the specific name sorry)

My sister's cappuccino (I think)

And my favorite, Gelato

Needless to say, once we finally headed home we were exhausted after a day of adventure and went to bed pretty much right away. It was definitely one of my favorite days in the city and as I write this I realized I need to go back there again, especially since I've been finding myself in nearby Tribeca quite a lot lately. Anyway, I apologize again for taking so long to write this post even though I had all the pictures and stuff ready. Like I said, school kept me busy and tired, but as the semester comes to an end and my time in NYC will soon be over, I will try to get up to speed with what I had planned in the coming days/weeks. Thank you for being patient and hope you enjoy the post.

Thanksgiving stuffed, but still full of love,
until the next post,

Day 1 in New York City: Times Square and Fifth Avenue

So as promised, here is my post on my first day in the wonderful New York City. The picture above is one I took while strolling down the famour Fifth Avenue. I became obsessed with the buildings here as you can tell by this picture LOL. But before I go into that, let's rewind back a little. Once my mom, sister and me changed out of our grossness from flying, we walked over to the subway station just 2 minutes from my new "home" and took the 7 train out to Times Square. We explored for maybe 10 minutes before we decided to look for a place to eat because we hadn't had a proper meal since earlier that morning and it was already 4 pm. So we Yelped nearby restaurants and found Carmine's.

It was honestly the best Italian food we have had in our lives! Sadly, Los Angeles has yet to step up in this regard :( Anyway, for those of you who haven't been to Carmine's, it serves family style plates, i.e. "sharing is encouraged" as stated by the hostess. Indeed, we filled up on a caesar salad and some rigatoni and broccoli and still had left overs. Honestly, if you visit NYC come here and if you want to see a Broadway show, it's right in the theater district. 

While we could have explored Times Square after our delicious meal, my sister had mentioned wanting to go to Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue and so we headed north. We started walking east on Fifth Avenue instead of west though so we had to turn back, and boy was it a long way to her intended destination. However, no true complaints as we got to see some other famous stores as well as other awesome landmarks. The one I truly geeked out over? 

If you guessed, New York Public Library then you are right! Honestly being the bookworm that I am, it really shouldn't come as a surprise. Now you know where I'll be spending my time since I'm trying not to accumulate books while I'm here. The reason being, how will I bring them back to LA with me, since I probably won't stop at 5 LOL. Anyway, we also found St. Patrick's Cathedral(not pictured) which is being restored as well as other really architecturally amazing churches (pictures below) that I don't remember the names of. 

We also found Trump Towers along the way. While I'm not a fan of Donald Trump at all(I find him highly arrogant and therefore annoying), this building itself was quite the view due to how tall it is that you truly have to twist your neck a bit to take all of it in. It also wouldn't fit all in one picture.

Impressive right?! I certainly thought so. Finally though, we made it to Tiffany's. And of course my sister needed a picture to capture the memory.

We also found what I think is the coolest Apple Store, ever! Yes, I know, I'm a total geek/nerd LOL.

Well, it's getting late and tomorrow will be another day of site seeing. I will post all about Day 2 tomorrow which was mostly exploring my new neighborhood. And I'll leave you with some more pictures.

Dirtsa under a Fifth Avenue sign

Famous Yellow Taxi and Police Line(sorry for the trouble, JK)


Under scaffolds :)

Coolest Mailbox in my opinion, but then again, I love things with old school charm!

In love with the buildings/skyline here

Louis Vuitton on Fifth Avenue

In front of Tiffany's

Bergdorf Goodman (part of it anyway)

Heading Home on the 7 train.