Friday Favorites : Moments with Friends

Chocolate Stour and Book Lover's Edition of Trivial Pursuit

This week's Friday Favorites is all about time with friends and family. I had the great opportunity to be able to spend time, which I feel I haven't done in a while, with loved ones, having a good time and even better conversations. I'm hoping this is the prelude to a great summer with great company.

I started off the week going out to a Congregation Ale House in Pasadena to attend a meetup meet. If you don't know what

 is, it's a site where you can join people that have similar interests. I'm a member of several different groups, but this particular event was held for a book club group.

I know that makes me sound very nerdy, but it's one of the groups I'm most active in and enjoy the most. The event at the ale house was to play Trivial Pursuit, Book Lover's Edition. I'm so glad I was able to attend because although I knew almost none of the answers, I learned a lot and we all just had a blast getting creative with the answers. I was also able to taste my first beer in the states, LOL.

Then later this week, my little sister, Dirtsa, graduated from High School. To me, this is a proud, but bittersweet moment. No matter what, I'll always see her as my little sister, so when I see her growing up, it's hard to accept sometimes that she's no longer the crazy haired baby my parents brought home from the hospital. After graduation, and her capturing moments with friends, we headed over to one of our favorite restaurants, Granville Cafe,  because we were starving. We got a really awesome waiter, with the best Southern twang. I had a mai tai, 'cause why not, and my sister got free ice cream.

The day after Dirtsa's graduation was even better, well not better than her graduating, but better as in we had some sister bonding time. We decided to head to the gym together and ended up taking a class called Cardio Jam, which was tons of fun. It's basically about 45 minutes or so of dancing non stop and 15 minutes of sculpting with weights. We loved that our teacher was so energetic and into the songs. It just made the class much more enjoyable and definitely made my day. After the class, we got a smoothie each from the juice bar at the gym, then headed to Costco for a little shopping trip. 

Later that night, I also got to go out to dinner with my friend Stephanie, who is about 5 month pregnant with her first child. We had sort of kept in touch while I was in NYC and reconnected when I got back, but due to school for me, and baby appointments for her, we hadn't seen much of each other the last couple of months. We decided to do something low key and went to Sizzler's, which I haven't been to since I was like 10, and watch Brick Mansions at a discount theater. We caught each other up with what's going on in each other's life, such as how big her cute baby bump was getting and the changes pregnancy has brought her and my graduation. It's always nice to be able to have some girl time, especially with a friend like her, who I can completely be myself around.

Oh and to end the week, I got to babysit Dempsey, who because of school and other reasons, I haven't been taking care of too often. But tonight I got to just hang out with her. I just love the things this smart little girl comes up with. And her sassiness is always quite entertaining. So yes, this week was a great one for making memories. Have you made any good memories in good company this week? If so, let me know in the comments below or share anything else that made it into your Friday Faves.