Motivation Monday: What Motivates Us

Motivation Monday: What Motivates Us

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was definitely busy and productive, which hasn't happened in a while. Saturday alone, I managed to get in like 5 errands within the first two hours of waking up. I was quite proud of myself since it usually takes forever to motivate myself to do anything right away. Which got me thinking of a conversation I recently had with James about the different ways we are motivated. So why not start the week off on a positive note by talking a bit about what motivates us.

More specifically, I want to talk about


we may be motivated based on the way we absorb ideas or learn. For example, James is often motivated to try new things after hearing about them on podcasts. He is very much an auditory learner so it makes sense that he is influenced by these podcasts (think

Joe Rogan


How Did This Get Made

). One of the most recent ideas he shared with me is wanting to try out floating pools and cryotherapy (I'm in!) after hearing about it on a podcast.

In my case, I am usually more motivated by what I hear


see, but mostly what I see. I am very much a visual learner so my motivation is often drawn by what I read. Growing up I remember never accepting an idea or willing to try something unless I read about it. This really annoyed my mom because she'd try to give me advice, such as how drinking plenty of water is good for your skin, but I wouldn't believe her until I'd read it in a magazine article. Now I am mostly motivated by other bloggers I read such as 

The Nectar Collective


Kayla Hollatz

. Pinterest and Instagram also play a huge factor (hello travel pins and pics).

These are only two things that could possibly motivate us. The thing they have in common is that they come down to the fact that who we expose ourselves to can become our point of motivation. James listens to people he may admire or find credible, while I listen to the words I see written by someone I may admire or come to admire. It really comes down to the way in which we best absorb information or learn. 

I'm curious to see what motivates you. Share in the comments below if the above sound familiar or if you draw motivation in any other way. I hope this helps motivate you and helps fight the Monday blues.



Motivation Monday: Take Command

{Source: Tumblr}
Today I wanted to do a Motivation Monday post after having found the above image on Tumblr. After having a somewhat drama filled weekend due to some family sh** that went down, this quote truly lifted my spirits. I can either let these family issues consume me and control me OR I can decide to not let these issues get to me and let the family members involved deal with their own mess.
Whether you are going through a hard time or you are on top of the world, or whether you believe in fate or not, the truth is each one of us has the power(and right) to shape the world we want to live in. By no means do I mean go out there and change the world(although you can if you want/are willing to) but do take control of "your" world that "you" live in. If you don't take control and allow yourself to be your own boss so to speak, someone else will end up deciding what your world is for you, even if it's not the world you want to live in. It is up to you to decide how you want to live your life.

Personally, I would like to fill my world with love, happiness, and lots of positive thinking. I know this may sound far fetched to some, so let me explain it. I want to surround myself with people who bring good into my life, who don't put me down, and who will accept me and love me for who I am. If I see that someone is making my life toxic with how they treat me and themselves, then I don't need that person in my life. That may sound harsh, but it's the truth.  I've decided to shape my world as one filled with love and surround myself with people who will motivate me to be my best.

So are you shaping your world and how would you like to shape yours?
Let me know in the comments below. 


Motivation Monday: Challenging Yourself

{Source: Pinterest}
Today I wanted to dedicate the post to the idea of challenging yourself. I think that challenging yourself and seeing how far you can go is one of the most important things in life. Even if you fail or you don't get too far in the challenge, what matters is that you try and when you look back and see what you did accomplish, you know that the next time, you can get a little further. 

It's not failure to fail and fail again. I recently heard that from a guest speaker at school and it's so true. Failure is not trying or challenging yourself at all; it's not taking a risk.

 So I ask you to challenge yourself, even if what the challenge seems small or silly, do it. It will help you grow as a person and will give you confidence and strength. I myself love to do small challenges just to prove to myself I can do something. 
A lot of the time I end up doing a fitness challenge, such as the 30 day ab challenge  or the BeachBody challenges like the 21 day fix or P90X. I also like more personal challenges like the one I'm restarting today, May Cause Miracles which I talked about in this post.

 This also is one of the many reasons I love Pinterest, because you can find so many of these challenges. In fact there are many things on Pinterest that you can try out, but it can get a bit crazy and often times people pin but don't go back and actually make the recipe they pinned or the craft they pinned. Since I love challenges so much then, I decided to challenge myself to a Pinterest challenge!

Since I have so many  pins, I will be doing this one board at a time. I'm doing this because like I said, I like challenging myself. It's not about seeing how many pins I can make a reality, but rather challenging myself to try new things, that I just happened to find on Pinterest. 

While I already have a lot going on and you may think I'm crazy to tack on one more thing, I repeat, I love to challenge myself. It makes me feel good and in the end I surprised myself with skills I didn't know I had or at least I come out knowing I pushed myself and tried, and that gives me confidence. And it keeps life interesting, which is never a bad thing :)

So what are you challenging yourself to? Do you want to join me in my Pinterest Challenge?
Let me know in the comments below. Can't wait to see what you are putting your mind to.


Motivational Monday: St. Patty's Edition

In honor of St. Patty's Day, I wanted to write a motivation Monday about luck. Personally I do find myself to be lucky every once in a while, but not because I think opportunities and good fortune just spill out of the sky. No I believe luck is much more what you make of an opportunity and the hard work that allows those opportunities to be available. Like the quote says, luck is about preparation and opportunity, simple as that.

Sure there are those events in our life that seem out of the blue, but didn't you do at least something small for that event to have come on your radar? Also when I think back to the times I hear people say, "I'm so lucky", what I really hear them say is "I'm so blessed". They are appreciating the opportunities that life has "allowed them," that they have made a path for themselves. 

Therefore, don't wait for "luck" to find you, make your own. At the end of the day, you are in charge of the direction your life takes because even those events that seem random depend on your reaction and how you act towards them. 

Personally I do feel lucky. I feel lucky that I met "the one" because I was myself and he liked me for who I am, I am lucky to have my current job because I decided to show that I really cared for children, and I am lucky to have had such great experiences in my internships because I decided to put in my best effort. 

So don't wait for luck to find you, make your own. Take control of your own destiny, as cheesy as that sounds. Prepare for the opportunities that could come your way. If you do, there might just be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. :)