Catching Up With Old Friends
Hey guys so already I'm being terrible at this blogging every single day, but I kinda do have a good reason. You see this post was suppose to go up on Saturday. Once again I had waited until late that day to write a post. Basically I was being lazy most of Saturday watching television and had only accomplished doing my Yoga X (I am in Phase II of P90X now). Anyway getting to the point of this post, as I was planning to get ready to start blogging and doing all my other online duties (i.e. editing vlogs, cleaning my inbox, etc) and stuff that was actually conducive to having a "Get Shit Done Day", my friend Denise called. Now, Denise and I go way back. We went to Kindergarten together and instantly became BFF's straight away. In fact, if I remember correctly, she was the one who took my hand to walk in on our first day of class (I am the shy one in this duo LOL but not as bad as when I was younger).

Our moms consequently also became good friends and so we continued our friendship until the 5th grade when her parents divorced and her mom got remarried and they moved away from the town we grew up in. Now myspace was a pretty new thing back then (does anyone remember those dark days? LOL jk) so not everyone had one, especially not most kids our age. I was pretty heartbroken not knowing how to reach her since we had gone through a lot together. Well a few years back, in High School, we reconnected again on Myspace (LOL before Facebook took over for world domination HAHAHA JK but close enough) and exchanged phone numbers. We clicked again instantly and it was wonderful to have her back in my life and my mom was pretty happy too. But then about 2 or 3 years later, we lost contact again. Partially it was due to an issue the occurred because my friend made a bad choice and partially because there were some hard times going on with her family that didn't help the situation. Well a year after that fallout (no hard feelings occurred really, just she needed to focus on herself and her family and deal with that) she added me on Facebook, but we had very little contact because well my friend is one of those oddballs that is not interested in being online much. If it wasn't for her mom, who is active on Facebook, I would have probably known nothing about whether that account was still relevant.

Well, about a week ago, her mom messaged me on Facebook and gave me Denise's number. I was surprised because it had been about 4 years since we had really talked on the phone. But I called and well, we ended up talking on the phone for 3 HOURS!!!! Now you know that's the real deal when you haven't talked to someone for years but seem to get back in the saddle immediately. We have continued talking a lot since then and since her mom's birthday was this past weekend, I ended up going clubbing with them and her mom's friend Saturday night. I was going to blog while I waited for them to come get me, but they got to where I am staying sooner than I thought.  So here are some pictures from that night (still need to upload the rest):
Her mom ordered this for the 4 of us

Denise (right) and me
The moral of the story is, if you come across an opportunity to rekindle and old friendship or come across an old friend, seize the opportunity. You never know, you could end up dancing, having some drink called an Iguana and having a good time :)