Makeup Monday: Summer 2014 Nail Trends

For this week's Makeup Monday, I wanted to feature some of the Summer Nail Trends I've come across. I don't often paint my nails, usually because I get busy and it becomes the last thing on my list, but never because I don't actually want to paint them lol. I'm hoping that this summer I can have more days with nail polish on my nails then days sans polish. So here are some of the trends I found.

Navy for Summer, summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday

Navy for Summer




nail treatments

1. Dark Nails

Usually darker nail polish colors are reserved for the colder winter/fall months, but it seems this summer wants dark nails too. I personally love this trend as I usually go for the darker polish colors. Also, I love the way the dark colors look against light clothing, kind of edgy. Loving navies the most.

summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday, white nails




2. White Nails

On the other side of the spectrum, and repeating last week's



Wednesday post

, white nails are also very hot this summer. I think this is the black nail of summer, chic yet simple.

Neons by Opi, summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday

Neons by Opi



featuring an

opi nail polish

3. Neon Nails

It seems summer is having it's fun with color, as the two previous trends have dealt with the dark and white trend. Neon nails are also trending this summer and this is appropriate since summer is usually when people wear the brightest colors. I am excited to try this as my usual polish choices are bland, plus the neon hues seem to make you appear tanner, without actually roasting in the sun.

Flowers growing on Nail Beds, summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday

Flowers growing on Nail Beds



featuring a

matte nail polish

4. Floral Designs

I have to say, this is probably my favorite of the trends. It really speaks for summer, plus it looks so pretty. Not too long ago, I went to Sephora and saw some polishes that have flowers instead of glitter pieces in it and I'm now obsessed. But getting one hand painted on your nail is also nice :)

summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday, gradient nails, ombré nails, ombre




5. Gradient/Ombré Nails

This is another trend I've been seeing a lot lately, and even though it's nothing new, I still want to try it. I've seen so many different variations on Instagram and they all look so pretty. My favorites have been those that have a purple/turquoise combo or classic black and white combo. 

While there are sure to be other summer nail trends out there and yet to surface, these are the ones I've come across and actually want to try out. Let me know if you will be trying these trends come summer or share any other trend I might have missed. Also, if you have any suggestions on what you want to see here on the blog, leave that in the comments below as well. I'm always open to ideas.