Friday Favorites: Short and Simple

So first off, I know that I didn't' post anything for Thursday this week. School spread me quite thin this week and Thursday just got crazier since I also had work. Anyway, there were a few things this week that kept me from imploding this week. Without further ado, here are my Friday Favorites:

1. This image made my week. You might have seen it already if you follow me on Tumblr. I came across it when I wasn't paying attention in class LOL because yes I think class means looking for pictures of cute dogs on Tumblr and Pinterest.


2. I also have really love naps LOL. As mentioned, this week has been pretty crazy and this means my already awful sleep schedule got thrown off even more. But thankfully, there's a nap for that. I usually hate naps, but I've been so grateful for them this week.

3. Of course this video made my week, I mean I only hear this every day I go to work. In all seriousness I can't get enough of the song and love that Jimmy Fallon saved the day after the Oscars kinda screwed up Idina Menzel's performance. Plus Jimmy and the Roots are just awesome.

So I'm sticking with those 3 things this week. I was busy but these 3 things kept me from crying in a corner. What were your favorite things this week?