I Vow to Love this Blog

Hey so I know I've been a really bad blogger and had said a few months back that I was going to really stick to it and well I failed badly right? Although my "hiatus" wasn't as long as usual so maybe I'm not such a lost cost. Anyway, I do promise I will be posting what I had planned back in August when I arrived in NYC. Not that I really have an excuse other than settling into a place of un-permanence(my word lol) and lots of school stuff and places to explore can make it easy to say "I'll do it tomorrow"but we all know the story of tomorrow don't we?

Anyway I apologize. Thankfully for you guys, I actually have been hit really hard with the blogging blog over the Thanksgiving weekend. I had been thinking about it for a while, but over the holiday weekend I really started being more proactive about doing something past brainstorming(I might have also been avoiding homework, tee her). I have been looking into design especially and how to make my blog a prettier place for your generous eyes. I even created a logo that you will hopefully see shortly (I really worked hard on this)! I am also thinking of creating a whole new template and site, but for now I will stay on blogger and keep you posted.

I am also thinking of how to reach out to more and more of you so I have a clearer picture as to what you guys want to see on here, things you want to know about my everyday life, and anything you want me to review. Also if you follow me on YouTube and that's what led you here, just know I also have my channels and videos in mind, just pretty please with a cherry on top be patient. Don't be shy about reaching out to me, I love receiving any, and I mean ANY feedback although I do prefer the nicer sugar coated kind and don't forget to follow me on Google+(off to the right) or on BlogLovin' or on any social media channel you prefer( I will be working on putting all that together).

Pinky promises + Dreamcatchers,

P.S. I also have a Tumblr so let me know if you would rather me post on there or just if you want me to incorporate it.

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