Friday Favorites: Two Tone Obsession

Friday Favorites: Two Tone Obsession, polyvore, wary parker, oliver peoples, barton perreira

So I know this is going up not technically on Friday, but it was meant as one. Anyway, that is not the point of this post, although I am committing to at least one weekly post every Friday until I get more into the habit of keeping this blog up regularly. So now to this Friday's post. Ever since Michael and me walked into the optical store (you know stores that sell glasses) by the building where he works one day during lunch, I have become obsessed with what I call "Two Tone" glasses or gradient style glasses as they are sometimes called.

Now a disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by any of the companies I am about to mention or really any one as of yet. The glasses that specifically got me turned me onto this trend(obsession) were these (I also like the Gregory Peck's and well just Oliver Peoples in general). The ones shown here though are what I was lead to once I started feeding this obsession. It wasn't intentional though. I was really just looking at glasses since the ones at this store seemed so pretty(and pricey lol). Once I was looking on other sites, that's when I saw this seemed to actually be a trend and I was hooked.

The ones shown on the top here are from Warby Parker and they are the Fillmore model. They are probably the most affordable ones I found ($95 with lenses) and I'm in love. I usually wear plain black plastic frame glasses, a bit á la hipster (but not so huge, I have a small face), but this seems like a nice change without stepping too much out of my comfort zone. The second pair are from Barton Perriera and a bit pricier at $325 (frame only), but still are quite nice and have a much more gradient like effect. So splurge if you can ;) 

Do you like the trend? Are there any other trends you are liking right now (glasses or other wise)? Anyway hope you like the post and can't wait to hear your feedback. 

Two tones and love,