Ready for Love Review

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So on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013, the show from executive producer Eva Longoria premiered on NBC. The show Ready For Love is about 3 guys looking for love, including Tim Lopez, lead singer of the Plain White T's (i.e. Delilah), and employing the help of 3 matchmakers with a variety of techniques.

I tuned into the show because as a girl, I am always curious about dating type shows. I also tuned in because using matchmakers seemed like a nice twist to the typical dating shows and for once it seemed like these guys and girls were serious about dating.

At the beginning of the show I was pumped. It was the first time in days I was actually watching something not on my DVR. However, not even halfway into the show, I was bored. I ended up watching the whole thing regardless, but honestly I was using it more as background noise while I went through my emails and looked for some good pins for my Pinterest class project.

I really wanted to like the show, but it seemed to fizzle out shortly after choosing the girls. Maybe it's the fact that it took 2 hours to show the selection process and date of only one of the guys. The date was a nice idea, but there seemed to be little interaction between Tim and the girls, although we did get to see him talk to a few of them, it seemed more like a get together for the girls. It almost made it seem there was no chemistry between anyone.

I don't know, that's just my opinion. I like that they are trying to fall to the hands of making dramatic television and keeping it real, but at the same time they need to spice it up or at least execute it slightly better. I will tune in next week to see if it gets better, which I hope it does. Let's just hope it's not another two hours on one guy.