The magic of Bali and the lessons I learned


The month of April was full of travel for me and while travel alone served me some important lessons and reminders, I felt Bali deserved a post of its own. 

First of all, Bali in itself is beautiful, but the magic it holds is just beyond beauty! It is transformative and captivating and reinvigorating and so many other things I can't even put it all into words. And wow did it change me for the better, but more about that in a bit.

Before I get into the wonderful lessons Bali taught me, I do want to mention that the one thing that tied it all together was letting the Universe handle the sitch! See, the whole reason I went to Bali was as part of the Manifestation Babe retreat that the wonderful Kathrin Zenkina was hosting for the second time.

As part of being one of her 1:1 year long clients, it was included in the price of my coaching program, but the dates (April 7-14) scared me since I was still at a 9-5. But the universe did it's thang and it just happened to be that my bosses were going on vacation around the same time and were giving me the time off. That's right, the Universe had MY back. And just by this, my trust finally went fully into the Universe and it was what I needed to prepare for this retreat. 

Now that we've gotten the big Universal lesson out of the way, let's get down to what Bali truly taught me/the epiphanies that I had whilst there:


#1 Releasing limiting beliefs is necessary to start writing my new story

Ok so this one may seem pretty obvious and I honestly thought I'd release limiting beliefs, but boy was I WRONG! When I got to Bali, I slowly started realizing I was still holding on not only to so many fears and doubts, but limiting beliefs as well. A lot of these beliefs were *surprise, surprise* related to my childhood.

At first it was a bit of a hard pill to swallow, because here I am, building a business trying to help women heal and rediscover their self-worth, and here I am getting hit HARD with feelings of unworthiness. In a way, I think in the months before going to Bali, I had gone through the motions of releasing limiting beliefs while my ego was the one really manipulating my belief in that I was doing just that when in reality I was very much still grasping to them.

Through lots of meditation and group sessions and most importantly connecting with my higher self (more on that in a bit), I was able to really truly begin releasing my limiting beliefs as well as dig deeper for any other still lingering that I hadn't even realized I had. And now with more awareness and clarity, I am able to start writing my new story. Or rather step into my true story and rewrite the story I use to tell!


#2 My higher self is chic AF and got me speaking my truth

Maybe you've heard the term higher self or not. When I came back from Bali, I remember trying (and not succeeding much) in explaining the term to my boyfriend (LOL). And it wasn't because I didn't know what it meant, but rather that the magnitude of the term was hard to really put into words.

So if your unfamiliar with this term that's thrown around in the spiritual "woo-woo" world, your higher self is basically the best version of yourself that's deeply tied with your soul and intuition. It's your most enlightened self that knows you better than anyone else (cuz duh, your soul knows you best). You can click here to get a better understanding. 

Anyway, through one very special meditation and exercise that Kathrin led, I finally got to see/meet/know my higher self. Basically she looked just like me (cuz she is me), but elevated to the highest level. She was dressed in this chic AF black jumpsuit, hair back in a classy chignon and oozing with radiance and confidence. She was elegant and fashion forward and such a BOSS!


#3 High vibe tribes keep your world alive

Now I loved being able to acknowledge and truly release my limiting beliefs and meeting my Highest Self was magical, but my favorite takeaway from this retreat was getting to meet my soul sisters and (2 brothers lol). Now I know surrounding yourself with great people is super important, but as a shy(ish), socially awkward (most of the time) introvert, finding a tribe is easier said than done.

I've been craving some sort of #squad since high school, but had come to accept my lone wolf status. Thankfully at this retreat, I got just the tribe I was searching for. I mean sure, we already had an idea that we were all meditating, crystal-loving, bring on the woo individuals, but we connected much deeper than that. I mean these are women that cried in front of each other from DAY 1 and we supported each other as if we had been friends for years not hours. 

To this day, most of us keep in touch on a daily basis. We share our victories and our ego-driven maladies. We make plans with each other, either for those that live in the same city to go out for drinks or through Zoom chats for those who live in different countries. I didn't realize how much I needed a large group of high vibe women until this retreat, cuz while we all have our close friends, what we experienced together is the closest bond to sisterhood I could find!

Seriously this trip was one I will have in my heart for the rest of life. Yes, I could have learned all these lessons at home or anywhere else in the world, but like I said Bali had this super magical pull! I've always said that Barcelona (my favorite city) had my heart, but I believe Bali holds my soul! 

Light + Love,


P.S. Here is a video Kathrin's Team created of the retreat. She is hosting one again soon :)