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Let me guess, lately you've been feeling:

  • Like your life is one big panic attack?
  • Your life lacks balance and feels out of whack?
  • You need to have a daily cry session(s) due to all the expectations thrown at you?
  • Everything in life feels like its falling apart?
  • You have no idea why you even wanted the job you currently have in the first place?
  • Social life, what does that even mean?
  • Self-care feels like something that only exists in the glossy pages of Marie Claire.
  • Your whole life feels stuck?
  • Happiness and balance seem impossible to obtain?


How did I guess? Because this used to be me too!


As a Libra, I've always loved balance, but achieving that was much easier said then done. In 2016 when things got really tough and my depression and anxiety got to an all time high, I felt very much like what I described above. I felt stuck in my career, like no matter how hard I worked, it wasn't enough. My relationships were great, but I still didn't feel enough and in my post-college life I felt I could barely keep aspects of my life together (i.e love life, social, career) you get the picture.

As soon as one part of my life would start going great, it felt another would fall apart and like I couldn't keep up with it. And my limiting beliefs were reigning it BIG TIME! In a nutshell, this unbalance in my life was making me exhausted and kept me from enjoying life. Then as I began my healing process through therapy, I also began exploring the "woo-woo" spiritual world which led me to learning about the chakras and the importance of getting them balanced! And wow this was a life-changer in bringing me back to my happy place. And the best news is that you don't have to struggle like I did, because I'm here to help you!


Introducing My Signature Program:
From Unbalanced to Bliss, a 2 month coaching program to take you from a life full of chaos to total alignment!


What will we accomplish over the next 2 months?

  • We will pinpoint the cause of your overwhelm and/or misalignment.
  • Figure out which chakras need balancing and how to keep them all in alignment.
  • Figure out what's important to you in creating your life moving forward and prioritize it!
  • Create a detailed, personalized chakra map to help you after "graduation."
  • Get back your social life and make self-care a top priority in your life.
  • Bring in the use of essential oils, crystals and more to help bring in the balance!
  • Help you begin to invest in yourself- think planning weekend trips, spa days, travel and more!
  • Figure out how to create your bliss in different aspects of your life!

What's included:

  • A complimentary half hour priority call.
  • A personalized welcome package so we can pinpoint your needs and expectations.
  • 2 months of one on one coaching calls where I help you create your very best version of bliss + balance.
  • Unlimited email or Voxer support to help provide guidance and support in between calls.
  • Stress and anxiety management tools and doable task planning (bring on the EOs and crystals)!


So how does this program work? Glad you asked!


Module Breakdown:

One: Assess Where You're At + Goal Setting

  • We go in depth to evaluate your current situation. What is it making you feel overwhelmed? What's truly holding you back from creating your life of bliss? What Chakras are out of balance?

  • Let's set some goals bliss babe! We will set goals together based on our assessment of your current life vs the life you know you deserve!

Two: Grounding The Root Chakra

  • We are starting with the root chakra and grounding! This means we will assess how safe we feel, in life, in our careers, with money, etc. We will also look at what may be blocking us from feeling grounded.

  • Together, we will create a personalized plan to feel grounded, figure out meditation practices and ways to feel more secure in this universe.

Three: Emotions Run the Sacral Chakra

  • Next we will tackle the sacral chakra.  We will evaluate some of what we discussed with the root chakra, but get more in touch with how those areas make us feel and how they affect our creativity. This chakra also has to do with S-E-X!

  • We will find ways to feel more abundant and creative, get in touch with our feminine side (and WILD WOMAN!) and begin feeding our intuition.

Four: Self-Worth + Self-Love with Sacral Plexus + Heart Chakras

  • Week four centers on two very related chakras- the Sacral Plexus (Self-worth) + the Heart (Self-love) chakras. 

  • For the Sacral Plexus Chakra, we will focus on letting go of expectations, create self-empowerment exercises and find the thing(s) that make us feel like our Highest Self (aka CONFIDENT).

  • For the Heart Chakra, we will create self-love affirmations, create a self-care routine and again connect with our Higher Self to see through her eyes, what best serves us.

Five: Finding our Voice with the Throat Chakra

  • This week will have us digging deep to find our authentic voice and start speaking our truth! We will release judgements, discuss dreams and open up our communication with our spiritual self.

  • We will create a plan that helps us step into alignment, find ways that help us with self-expression and set a plan in motion that keeps us accountable with speaking our truth

Six: Following your Intuition with Your Third Eye

  • The Third Eye Chakra is associated with our "sixth sense" or intuition. We will focus on what's blocking us from listening to our intuition and start releasing those blocks. What's keeping us from listening to our heart/gut?

  • For this chakra, we will focus even more on meditation, self-awareness and will really be getting deeper into our woo.

Seven: Connecting to the Divine through the Crown Chakra

  • Finally we get to the most spiritual of the chakras, the Crown Chakra. We talked a bit about our higher self in some of the other weeks, but this week will be all about connecting with her!

  • This week will be so much fun, but also a bit of a rollercoaster as we face who we are meant to be, reevaluate some of our values and beliefs and create a daily spiritual practice. We will learn how to start raising our frequency and work on visualization.

Eight: Mapping our Chakras

  • The last week is where we tie it all together and reflect on all the work we've done together. We will create a map designed specifically for you where we will go over what helps us feel balanced across each chakra. This way you have it all in one place :)

  • We will go over the goals we created at the begin and reflect on where we are now. Did we achieve those goals? Did we only get to one, two, or all of them? Has the feeling of overwhelm left us?




Only $888 USD - Payment Plans Available

Plans can be discussed during Priority calls.

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