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Do you often feel:

  • Like your life is one big panic attack?
  • Happiness and balance seem impossible to obtain?
  • You need to have a daily cry session(s) due to all the expectations thrown at you?
  • You no longer have any clue what you want in life because you feel like you can barely catch your breath?
  • Everything in life feels like its falling apart?
  • You have no idea why you even wanted the job you currently have in the first place?
  • Social life, what does that even mean?
  • Self-care feels like something that only exists in the glossy pages of Marie Claire.
  • You're an 80 year old spinster inside a millennial's body?
  • Your whole life feels stuck?


If you answered yes to any of the above, then The Worthy Bliss Babe is for you!!!


What will we accomplish over the course of 9 weeks?

  • We will pinpoint the cause of your overwhelm and/or misalignment.
  • We will get clear on what is making you feel stuck in your life and attack it!
  • Figure out what's important to you in creating your life moving forward and prioritize it!
  • Create a plan to make you feel Worthy!
  • Let go of expectations and start with a blank slate so you CAN obtain happiness.
  • Get back your social life and make self-care a top priority in your life.
  • Make your planner/calendar the envy of the Instagram planner community ( or close to it ;P)
  • Help you begin to invest in yourself- think planning weekend trips, spa days, travel and more!
  • Figure out your next career move!

What's included:

  • A complimentary half hour priority call.
  • A personalized welcome package so we can pinpoint your needs and expectations.
  • 9 one on one coaching calls over the next 3 months where I help you create your very best version of bliss.
  • Unlimited email or Voxer support to help provide guidance and support in between calls.
  • Stress and anxiety management tools and doable task planning.


So how does this program work? Glad you asked!


Module Breakdown:

Week One: Assess Where You're At + Goal Setting

  • We go in depth to evaluate your current situation. Why is it making you feel overwhelmed? What's truly holding you back from creating your life of bliss?

  • Let's set some goals bliss babe! We will set goals together based on our assessment of your current life vs the life you know you deserve!

Week Two: Create a Plan

  • Goals are just dreams without a plan, so week 2 we will brainstorm to make your goals a reality. It will be our guide map for the work we do for the rest of the program.

  • We will learn the power of scheduling and time blocking! Believe me, it's easier and better than it may sound. And you will also be introduced to my favorite productivity tool! 

Week Three: Daily Practice

  • Together we will create a daily practice that works for you and gets you into the mindset that you're already living the life you want. What is your dream day? week? month? year?

  • We also get a bit in touch with our woo woo! We will see which tools serve you best and how they can be woven into your life like NOW!

Week Four: Self-Care Action Taking

  • Week four centers on the most important part of the bliss babe lifestyle: making YOU the #1 priority.

  • We will create a self-care action list tailored to what makes you feel most BOSS and make it happen. I'm talking booking massages you always talk yourself out of deserving, making mandatory mani/pedi appointments and so much more!

Week Five: Money Mindset

  • Week 5 dives into your limiting beliefs on money and how we can change that around. We will lean big on manifestation and getting into the mindset of a money magnet.

  • We will dive a bit into the Law of Attraction and how you can create an abundance energy and leave behind thoughts of lack. After all, bliss babes are abundant AF!

Week Six: Career Action

  • Week six is all about looking into your career choice and if it's the right one for you! This will be huge if you feel most overwhelmed by work!

  • We will brainstorm ways to get promoted and earn that raise in your current career or how to transition into your true calling if you're not already there yet. 

Week Seven: Relationship Up-Level

  • Week 7 is all about our social calendar, intimacy and vulnerability. We will see if you're spreading yourself thin in this area or if you need to get out there more.

  • Warning, this week might get a bit emotional as we explore the importance and strength of your relationships, your own value in them and how your upbringing can be affecting your relationships today. We will also explore healthy vs toxic ties.

  • But this will also be a fun week as we set out a social calendar that can include old friends and maybe even some new ones :)

Week Eight: Reflection Week

  • Week 8 is not quite graduation, but you can think of it as the lead up to it when we might feel a bit nostalgic of all that's happened during our time together.

  • We will go over the goals we created at the begin and reflect on where we are now. Did we achieve those goals? Did we only get to one, two, or all of them? Has the feeling of overwhelm left us?

Week Nine: Planning the Next 3 Months (AKA Graduation)

  • So we spent 9 weeks together, now what?

  • Week 9 is about planning out the next 3 months to continue further into the bliss babe lifestyle. We will also discuss if you're reading for the training wheels to come off or if you need to extend the program. Do you feel ready and able to carry on with your new life or do you need support for a bit longer? 




Only $3,000 USD - Payment Plans Available

Plans can be discussed during Priority calls.

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